Sunday, October 16, 2011

Partridge Finished

Paulette finished stitching #1061 - Partridge and Pears Quilt - and it's already framed and ready to hang for Christmas, 2011 (until I borrow it back for the January TNNA market.

We're working on the stitch guide now and should have it finished in a few weeks.  This is a rather large guide - lots of stitches - but according to Paulette it was also lots of fun to stitch.


  1. This is lovely. I was afraid all the different patterns would clash but when you see the entire design, it is harmonious and very traditional for Christmas. Nice job!

  2. Thanks Jane! When I paint these quilts I am also worried about the patterns clashing, since they are done in painted stitches and I have to envision the finished stitching as I go along. Sometimes the painted stitch looks entirely different than the actual stitch, and I want them to look good for the basketweavers also. When it was finally finished I breathed a sigh of relief.