Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lizard Toes and A New Needle

The toes on these little guys are all bullion stitches, some of them requiring over 30 wraps!  I wanted to stitch them with one continuous stitch, but it was really awkward to do these long bullions with a regular tapestry needle.

Thanks to a random phone request, I discovered Sashiko needles, made by Clover.  Has anyone ever heard of these?

Sashiko is a form of Japanese  folk embroidery ,using a basic running stitch through several layers of fabric, to create a patterned background.  The needles are very long (over 2") and have a large oval eye.  They have a sharp point, but a few stabs are a small price to pay for being able to make these bullions long enough to curve into toes.


  1. Clever, Peggi. I'd never heard of Sashiko needles. I'd head of Sashiko vaguely but had no idea there were special needles for it. Are they stronger than three inch beading needles?

    1. Sashiko needles are similar in diameter to regular tapestry needles - too thick for beading, but strong enough for bullions. I tend to wrap my bullions too tightly and have to use a hemostat to pull them through, and these needles have withstood this abuse.I'm waiting for an order of these to arrive, so will send you a pack to try.

  2. Peggi, This looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing about the needles as I had never heard of them.