Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Holiday Finish

                                           1088-A  Sugar Skull Mask

This should be back from the finisher just in time for Halloween and Day of the Dead (fingers crossed).

The two Kanzashi flowers had to be adapted from the original instructions because of their size (these are only about 3/4" in diameter), but worked really well once I figured out how to make it happen.  I must admit that they were a little difficult to do, but that is probably due to the length of my fngernails.  And, a special thank you to Lisa Kessler at BeStitched for the idea of using scrapbooking brads for the flower centers!


  1. Peggi, I am glad to be able to help! it looks marvelous!

    1. I knew I asked the right person - you always have great ideas .

  2. Oh, Peggi, you continue to entice me. I am going to need to dedicate my office to Day of the Dead :)

  3. Hi Sheena - Will be taking another short trip to New Mexico soon, so watch out!!!

  4. Hi, I'm new to this but I love the Manuel Salas Day of The Dead designs. Where can one buy them? Also I would like to know what other Southwestern designs are available. Thank you! Shannon Miles