Friday, November 10, 2017

Ann Spiess Mills

For those of you who are Ann Spiess Mills fans, we are pleased to announce that we have received permission  from her family to adapt her art to handpainted needlepoint.

Because her canvases were one-of-a-kind, I'll have to work from whatever originals I can find.  Luckily I have been able to get my hands on about a dozen, but at some point I'll have to do a shout-out for more.  If anyone has some in their stash we are offering a free new canvas in exchange for borrowing an original.

San Pasqual is the first, and I'll try to get more painted in time for the TNNA January show.

Royalties will go into a college fund for Ann's great grandchildren.


  1. Peggi, I have a whole lot of Ann’s canvases unstitched, including her entire Nativity set. Would you like me to email you with what I have?

  2. Dear Peggi, I have completed over twenty tapestries of Ann's. I have one unfinished canvas. Would you like pictures of the completed ones or just unfinished? I would like to do another San Pasqual and a nativity scene. I am thrilled that you are doing this!

  3. Dear Mary - I would love a picture of the unfinished one, as the stitched ones are really difficult to adapt unless they are stitched in basketweave.

  4. Hello, I have an original Ann Spiess Mills painted canvas. I don't know the name of it as it was a gift but she is holding a needlework basket in each hand. Are you interested?

  5. Hi Shannon,
    I don't think I have that one, so yes I would be interested. If you can send me a photo -info@ tapestry - I can take a look and make sure and then we can make arrangements. Thanks, Peggi