Monday, November 15, 2010

A Different Twist With DMC Memory Thread

We've used DMC Memory Thread on some of our models by couching it down with matching floss or silk, but sometimes a little more coverage or different texture was needed.  Rather than just using it double we tried twisting the Memory Thread and were very pleased with the results.

The Kachino's headress used twisted yellow Memory Thread branching off into two curves.   Then we used it in the traditional way for the smaller hoops. We also used the twisted technique on Thomaso Mix's lariate and the Ribbon Kachino's headress.

The interlocking circles on Buffalo Bijio's chaps were made by doing buttonhole stitch over the Memory Thread and forming it into circles before  sinking and couching it down. This technique was rather time consuming, but the result really gave the appearance of interlocking circles.

Since the twisting was such a success, we also tried braiding with 3 different colors.  We'll keep this in mind for a future canvas.

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