Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gobbler Finished - Happy Thanksgiving

The last feather (lower left) was stitched in a modification of Double Stitch Variation.  On the large turkey, this stitch was very difficult to compensate. Since this is an intermediate canvas we changed the stitch slightly to an easier version and still got the same effect.

I added a little backstitching between the feathers to give him a more "quilted" look, but this is optional.
And....just to give him a little more "pop" I did one row of Turkey Work around the feather fan using Threadgatherer's ribbon.  Hopefully we'll have the stitch guide completed soon.


P.S. Did you know that only the male (tom) turkey makes a gobbling sound?  The female makes a clicking noise. Thanks to the video on the gas pump at the Shell station for this interesting bit of trivia.

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