Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lupe's Progress - Thanks Tony!

While waiting for the wreath, my next project, I decided to pick up Lupe again and completed her sombrero.  After getting dizzy from all the concentric circles of Van Dyke stitch - fini!  Tony was right - it really does have the feeling of a straw hat!

Next to tackle was the brim, which called for satin stitch and beads for the small decorative stitching accents.  These would actually be leather on a real sombrero, but I wanted to follow Tony's stitch guide as closely as possible and he suggested string beading.  In order to allow these little decorations to bend if necessary I used Sundance #14 beads and very fine beading wire.  After much cursing (#*^#!!!)  this is the final result. 
Right again, Tony.....this guy really IS a Master!


  1. He's a genius but you are the one doing the fabulous stitching. This looks pretty durn cool! Stitch faster. I can't wait to see how this turns out!!!!

    Jane, shouting encouragement from CH

  2. Thanks Jane - This was actually more "wiring" than stitching, but at least it worked!

  3. Wow! So very cool and impressive!