Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More Lupe

While waiting to start my next large project in July I've had some time to continue work on Lupe.  The face, in upright cross stitch is finished.  No problems except for the subtle shading, since there are only two greys in the Pebbly Perle colorway.  To solve the problem I needle-blended the fiber to get a transition shade.  I also had to do this with the pink blush on her cheeks.

Tony suggested using Silk 'n Colors in satin stitch for the lips.  Again I questioned his choice of color, but decided to give it a try before finding an alternate fiber.  Silly me....should have known he would be right (AGAIN).  By chopping up the overdye in sections of light to dark I managed to get the correct shading.

Next came the dreaded Marlitt for the teeth.  I added pale grey to the two outer teeth to give them a little depth, and then went to work with a wet sponge and the white.  Using this fiber isn't the easiest, but it really does the job in the shine department.

Wish I could say that these stitches are "bringing the canvas to life". but...........


  1. She is certainly being re-animated! LOL

    Great job. The Headmaster really knows his stuff.

  2. Re-animated is certainly a better choice of words! Maybe I can get her completed by November for Dia de Los Muertes so she can have her big day.