Monday, July 11, 2011

Lupe's Fashion Statement

One more week of working on Lupe before retiring her for a while to start on a new model.  My goal is to finish the background, the rest of her collar trim, and her serape, leaving just the flowers to tackle at a later date.

The Plaited Upright Cross Stitch that Tony suggested for the serape really works well since it can fill any width of a diagonal stripe as long as it in over an uneven number of threads.  It was a little confusing to compensate on the stripes that start along the bottom, but once I figured it out (ONLY took 2 hours!) it was smooth sailing.


  1. Everything is the background for the flowers, isn't it?

    It is looking great! The Headmaster likes some hard stitches but heck, the serape looks great.

  2. Jane, you are correct. Tony designed the flowers to be mostly stumpwork and ribbon, which will really pop out from the canvas. The only problem is that he designated ribbon that seems to be unavailable at the moment, so I'll be putting out an SOS when I get ready to stitch them.