Sunday, September 25, 2011

New for Halloween

The new skeleton is finally completed and should be ready for shipments near the end of October.
Manuel has named her Belleza De Halloween (Halloween Beauty).  A little violet eyeshadow, a touch of lipstick, and she's ready for her big night out on October 31st!


  1. Fantastic! I can't wait to start on her, Peggi!

    Jane, waving happily from CH

  2. I love her! Dimensions of the canvas?

  3. She is a beauty. Love everything about her.

  4. Sorry I forgot the important info...she is 11x14" and painted on #18 canvas.

  5. Are these available yet? I would love to purchase one! Where can I get more information on this and the green one?


  6. Does Belleza have a stitch guide?

    1. Check out Queen Anne Stitches on Facebook and see what's going on there. Then get on touch, the amazing Sheri has created a stitch guide for her class. Her version of this canvas is, as she calls it, a 'Pretty, Pretty Lady'. Worth inquiring abut.

  7. Please let me know where I can purchase this? I am used to doing counted canvas. Is this easier? Thank you, Karen aka Chicago Mermaid

  8. Hello
    Chicago Mermaid and any others looking for this piece and/or the 'sister' piece, they're easy to find! Just go to Their website shows both canvas and lists their retailers. Three shops in the Chicago area are listed. Any shop can sell over phone or Internet if you are unable to come in, and will ship to you. My guess is you are more clever than I and have already purchased you canvas.