Saturday, March 17, 2012

"Oldies But Goodies"

Due to a lot of requests at the January TNNA market, I decided to dig into the archives for some of the older Tapestry Fair canvases that had been pulled out of the line.  Some of the pieces date back to the 1970's, and with a few color changes and/or border additions would still work today.

I also put in a call to Edith, who was one of the founding partners of Tapestry Fair, to see if she was willing yo re-release some of her older designs.  Edith agreed, so we've gotten her pieces to add back into the line over the next few months.

The canvas pictured above, EW-30 is one of a series of three. Each is 14x14" and painted on #18 mesh.  This series didn't need any updating at all.  With decorative stitches and all the new fibers, ribbon and bling available now, this would be a fun canvas to embellish.

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  1. Peggi! I am thrilled to hear that some of Edith's pieces are coming out of retirement! I had enjoyed stitching many of her canvases along time ago when there was only floss, floss and more floss...and of course some Balger as that is what it was called back then.