Monday, May 30, 2011

The Wreath

Just finished the wreath (#1062)! 
This canvas is painted on #13 using the same stitches as #1061 with one additional stitch for the bottom center segment.  The partridge insert that will go in the center is the same one used on the quilt square and is a separate canvas painted on #18.

Since this is such a large canvas (19x19") I also did a line drawn version - #1062-O - so it could also be stitched partially in Bargello to speed up the process.

As soon as both of the quilts return from the painters I'll be stitching this one for a display piece at the January show.

New Christmas Quilt

Here is the new addition to our quilt series - #1061 - Partridge and Pears Quilt.  The stitches are painted on the canvas and I think I've chosen some interesting ones as well as the right fibers and overdyes.  Paulette will be "test driving" this one before we finalize the stitch guide.

The canvas will also be available in a line drawn version (#1061-O) for those that want to create their own stitches or use it as a class project.

Next on the drawing board is the wreath version of this canvas, which I hope to complete today.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kleo - Embellishment

Sometimes I'm just amazed at what a good embellishment teacher can add to a canvas without compromising the original design!

This piece, #EW-17, is being stitched by Iris Wigal in a class taught by MaryLu Leger.  Lots of  gold couching and jewels, and I love the light coverage stitch on the background..  This should be a total knockout when it's finished!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wings Are Finished

Tommy's wings are stitched, crystals are glued on tail feathers, and now this project is off to the finisher.
Designing dimensionals is always  a little tricky - you're not really sure of the results until the item is constructed.  In the past I've had them finished before stitching just to make sure the proportions were correct, but this one needed a stitch guide so I decided to "test drive".

The finished product should be back in a few weeks so I'll be keeping my fingers crossed!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Last Feather

Finally finished the last turkey feather ! There are a total of seven, each in a different stitch so I wouldn't get bored stitching or painting. Each feather is a "painted stitch" and I used "sister stitches" for the pairs in the same color combinations. All the feathers will now go to the finisher for backing, and when they are completed I'll tackle the crystal problem on four of them (hot-fix or glue).

In the meantime, moving on to the wings.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Stitch Guides

Maryann Barber of Absolutely Needlepoint in Miama, Florida has re-done our original stitch guides for the Anne Jerlow geishas - AJ 515L, 515C, & 515R, and is teaching them in a series of three classes.  The next class is scheduled for mid-May.

The above photo is the original version, but Maryann's are stitched in more intense colors.  Since these are only partially painted you can dress them in the colors of your choice.  The new stitch guides can be ordered directly from Maryann (see our Stitch Guide page for contact info.)