Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Some Fun Bargello

How's this for wild???? This was stitched by a customer using her fathers old neckties and color coordinating the fibers to match her decor.  Not much painting involved, just a basic layout and a combination of alternating decorative stitches and bargello patterns.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Diane's Ketubbah Frame

Diane Mayer commissioned us to custom paint this very large frame for her niece's ketubbah, or marriage contract
The wedding was last weekend and the signed ketubbah is now on the way to the framer. Diane did a fabulous job stitching this gift - her choices of fibers and stitches are perfect and she promised us another photo when it is completely assembled.

Great job Diane - and what a lovely gift!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More Lupe

While waiting to start my next large project in July I've had some time to continue work on Lupe.  The face, in upright cross stitch is finished.  No problems except for the subtle shading, since there are only two greys in the Pebbly Perle colorway.  To solve the problem I needle-blended the fiber to get a transition shade.  I also had to do this with the pink blush on her cheeks.

Tony suggested using Silk 'n Colors in satin stitch for the lips.  Again I questioned his choice of color, but decided to give it a try before finding an alternate fiber.  Silly me....should have known he would be right (AGAIN).  By chopping up the overdye in sections of light to dark I managed to get the correct shading.

Next came the dreaded Marlitt for the teeth.  I added pale grey to the two outer teeth to give them a little depth, and then went to work with a wet sponge and the white.  Using this fiber isn't the easiest, but it really does the job in the shine department.

Wish I could say that these stitches are "bringing the canvas to life". but...........

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

He's Back!

"Tommy" came back from the finisher and had his photo op for the stitch guide cover and website.  We had to do a little wing adjustment to get him ready for his debut, but now I'm pleased with the final result.  We used neckties for the backing of the tail feathers so he'd look spiffy from all angles.  The actual body is velveteen and his ruffles are felt, but could be taffeta for a more formal look.

Sue and I are doing the cover layout tomorrow, in hopes of shipping canvases and guides at the end of next week.  If you're a speedy stitcher he can make it to the table as a centerpiece for Thanksgiving dinner.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hat Beading

Here's a close up of the beading on Lupe's sombrero.  The next step will be a little relaxing basketweave on the eyes.

Lupe's Progress - Thanks Tony!

While waiting for the wreath, my next project, I decided to pick up Lupe again and completed her sombrero.  After getting dizzy from all the concentric circles of Van Dyke stitch - fini!  Tony was right - it really does have the feeling of a straw hat!

Next to tackle was the brim, which called for satin stitch and beads for the small decorative stitching accents.  These would actually be leather on a real sombrero, but I wanted to follow Tony's stitch guide as closely as possible and he suggested string beading.  In order to allow these little decorations to bend if necessary I used Sundance #14 beads and very fine beading wire.  After much cursing (#*^#!!!)  this is the final result. 
Right again, Tony.....this guy really IS a Master!