Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tony Minieri Class at Family Arts - Day 2

LUPE is finally FINISHED!!!!  This is the canvas that I started in last year's Tony class, and I had everything finished except for the final big rose in the lower right hand corner.  I probably should have paid more attention to the demo last year, but thankfully Tony was kind enough to repeat his instructions so that I could add the final flower (which took me the entire morning to complete). 

Stitching this canvas was a big "stretch" for me technically, but well worth the effort.  Lupe will go to the framer next week, and then I can focus on Leapin' Lizards, this year's class project.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tony Minieri Class - Day One - PM

                                          Detail of AJ-26 - Leapin' Lizards (Anne Jerlow)

After lunch it was time to get back to business.  This is a detail of one of the more exotic stitches Tony planned for the canvas I chose to stitch.  The lizard's gullet is Venetian Cloth Stitch using Balger #12 braid.  It is a detached stitch, and when the stitched area was completed I stuffed it with 1/2" pieces of the braid before tacking down the bottom.  Leave it to Tony to come up with something like this!

More fun and more photos tomorrow.

Lunchtime at the Tony Minieri Class

After a morning of intense stitching everyone was ready for this great lunch - selection of sandwiches, chips, fruit salad, Valentine cookies AND fantastic chocolate fudge.

Tony Minieri Class - First Day AM

What a great way to spend Valentine's Day!  Class at Family Arts started promptly at 9:30 AM. First, Tony gave his critique of all the canvases we were going to be stitching.  As usual, he was brilliant - how he can remember all the stitches and fibers he planned for these canvases is amazing!!! The canvas pictured above is #1063, Fantasy Flowers, which will be stitched by Sylvia Yoder.Then everyone proceded to look at their stitch guides to determine which stitches they knew , or needed Tony to demonstrate.  There were some really exotic stitches planned for some of the canvases, so everyone learned a lot from Tony's demo.

After a few hours of concentrated stitching and demos - time for lunch.