Sunday, January 8, 2012

Meet "Maria" and Kelly

"Maria" is the first of a new series of six Talavera angels that will be introduced at Sample It.  She is stitched in a combination of fibers and comes packaged with a full-color stitch guide and a beaded red chili pepper embellishment from One World Buttons.

The stitch guide was written by Kelly Doyle, who picked up and finished this project after MaryLu Leger's untimely death.  She has included stitches such as Diagonal Burden, Amadeus, and a Hedabo Ring.

Kelly has taught needlepoint embellishment for A Needlework Place in Mesa, Arizona and Phoenix Needlepoint Co. before relocating to Houston. She has also taught classes at previous TNNA markets for Anne Jerlow's geisha series and Garden Cat Square.  Kelly stitched several ornaments for the White House Christmas tree during the Clinton reign, and her Sandy Jenkins Sunflower Girl appears in the revised edition of Jo Christensen's The Needlepoint Book.  She is available to travel and teach classes.

Kelly will be helping me at the Sample It table and is bringing along "Consuela", the next angel in the series, so please stop by and say hi!


  1. Peggy, I am SO excited to see Kelly! You are very fortunate to have her. She has always been so ahead of what was is happening in the needlepoint industry!
    BeStitched Needlepoint

  2. I AM lucky! She did her usual amazing job on this canvas and I'm sure the next one will be just as great. She plans a visit to your shop if time allows, and is looking forward to seeing you also.