Thursday, April 2, 2015

New Artist

We are happy to announce that we have obtained licensing to adapt the art of Pat Scheurich to handpainted needlepoint.

These whimsical florals offer lots of opportunities for stitching embellishment.  The backgrounds should be especially interesting to stitch (and paint)!  The originals are mixed media with a lot of background texture, so I'm envisioning light coverage with a variety of stitches.

Pat is currently exhibiting at the Burton Barr Central Library, so if you are lucky enough to be in the Phoenix area, stop by and see the current collection.  To see more of her work you can visit her website at

I'm hoping to get some of these finished and ready to ship to the shops during the summer - just can't decide which do to please let us know your favorites.


  1. I love so many of her pieces on that site, but my hands down favorite it 'Alive and Running'. Please put that on the top of your list! Also really like 'Dry Run'.

    1. Thank you - I will put these on the list. Might have to do sections - or maybe just do larger canvases.

    2. Dry Run is finished, and will make it's debut at the January TNNA show - watch for it at your favorite LNS.

  2. I love House Hunt and Run Among the Flowers. The colors are fantastic!!

  3. Thanks Jeannine - I just received the pewter #18 canvas, so will start painting these soon!